Sunday, August 5, 2007

McRobie Genealogy Project

Welcome to my genealogy blog. My name is Gina, and recently I was bit by the genealogy bug. My little side project has become a bit of an obsession. Being new to this whole research thing, I soon found myself swamped with a ton of information and began to drown. So the purpose of this blog is to collect my thoughts in some sort of organized fashion and be able to present them in some organized way to anyone who may be looking.

This blog will mainly be about my branch of the McRobie clan. (Since all McRobies supposedly originated from the same clan, I'm sure we're all related somehow.) My family begins with William McRobie (1761-1835) after he settled in Garrett County, Maryland. This is the earliest known ancestor I've been able to find, so the focus will be mostly on his descendants.

So far I have amassed a descendant list of over 250 people that can be found here: William_McRobie_Descendant_Chart.rtf. All files that are posted here will probably be text files. [PC users can open these with notepad, Mac users with TextEdit.] Most of the people on this list are unconfirmed at the moment, but anyone who is will have a "C" after their name. This means that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided is correct, and I can provide sourcing information for it. For privacy's sake, I have tried to remove anyone's names who may still be living. If you see your name or the name of a living relative that you would like removed from the public version of this chart, please let me know. This list has been compiled from many different sources. If you have any questions, or think something may be incorrect, just send me an email at I would like this to be as accurate as possible.

While this blog is mainly just a personal forum for me to track my progress, I welcome any and all researchers. I am willing to share any information, and I love to get anything that may help me with my research! Comments and emails are encouraged!

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