Friday, December 28, 2007

Updates and Rebecca Kight's Family

Hi everyone,

So I was able to find a little bit of info on the rest of Percilla Kight's children. I'm still looking for most of the daughters, but I did find info for Jacob, William, Wilbert, Benjamin and Ettie.

I'm now on to Rebecca Kight's family with Conrad Burk. I haven't been able to find any information on her children:

Richard BURK was born in 1893 in West Virginia.
Bernadette BURK was born in 1894 in West Virginia.
Josephine BURK was born in 1895 in Illinois.
Olya BURK was born in 1897 in West Virginia.
Manilla BURK was born in 1899 in West Virginia.
Ursula BURK was born in 1901 in West Virginia.
Thomas BURK was born in 1902 in West Virginia.

Again, anyone with information on any of these people, please email me at Thank you!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Percilla Kight and David Gower/Gauer

Hi everyone,

Quick update: I have internet at home! It took long enough but I no longer have to bring my laptop to work in order to get online, this is very exciting.

That being said, I've started up more research and right now I've hit a roadblock with the Gower/Gauer family. What I have so far: Percilla Kight (Malinda Jane McRobie, John William) married David Gower/Gauer. They had 13 surviving children, but for some reason the only one I've really been able to track is Jacob Henry. So here's a list of their children. If anyone has ANY info on any of them, I'm begging you to send it!! (Specifically for the girls, as without any Maryland marriage records at my fingertips, it's proving the hardest to find them.)

Susan Gower (b. 1869, MD) [I believe she died before 1880, but no confirmation yet]
Jacob Gower (b. 1870, MD) [The only one I've found after 1900 so far]
Sarah Gower (b. 1871, MD)
William T Gower (b. 1872, MD)
George Gower (b. 1875, MD)
John Gower (b. 1877, MD)
Burleigh Gower (b. 1879, MD)
Charles J Gower (b. 24 Mar 1882, MD) [according to 1900 Census]
Rosie M Gower (b. 10 Feb 1884, MD) [according to 1900 Census]
Wilbur N Gower (b. 21 Nov 1886, MD) [according to 1900 Census]
Bailey C Gower (b. 22 Dec 1888, MD) [according to 1900 Census]
Benjamin M Gower (b. 21 Jun 1890, MD) [according to 1900 Census]
Ettie F Gower (b. 31 Aug 1898, MD) [according to 1900 Census]

I've seen the last name spelled both Gower and Gauer. I'm sure there are more variations.