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Head Count, 1840 Census, 1850 Census

So the current head count for direct descendants of William McRobie Sr. is at 367 (give or take a few). And this also doesn't include anyone that's currently living. However, very few of these people until recently were actually confirmed. I was just counting on everyone else's good research to pull through. So I've finally decided to sit down and confirm some more relatives and here's what I've slapped together (listed by household):

Text file: 1840_Census_Transcribed.rtf

Listed on the 1840 Census:
John William McRobie
Elisha Dewitt McRobie
William McRobie
Andrew McRobie (s/o John William)

Text file: 1850_Census_Transcribed.rtf

Listed on the 1850 Census:
John William McRobie Household
.....Delilah [51]
.....John [26]
.....Hugh [22]
.....Jane [21]
.....Silena [16]
.....Abraham [14]
.....Elisabeth [11]
.....Francis [10]
.....Hester [8]
.....Thomas [6]

Elisha Dewitt McRobie Household
.....Azenath [43]
.....Hannah [26]
.....Sarah [22]
.....Michael F [19]
.....Elisabeth [12]
.....Winfield [1]

William McRobie Household
.....Sarah [33]
.....Magdalene [10]
.....Ellen [8]
.....Lucy [6]
.....Rhoda [4]
.....Roland [2]
.....Rachel [1]

John McRobie Household
.....Mary [36]
.....Samuel [10]
.....William H [8]
.....John [6]
.....Henry C [5]
.....Francis [4]
.....Martha [3]
.....Hugh [1]

Andrew F McRobie Household
.....Elisabeth [26]
.....Harriet [1]

William P McRobie Household
.....Lucinda [27]
.....Columbia [1]

Some notes:
The 1840 census only lists the Heads of Households' name. Other than that, it lists the number of people in the household divided into age categories. By comparing the 1840 to the 1850 census, I was able to conclude who was who.

Figuring out which Andrew was which was slightly difficult. I believe that the Andrew McRobie in the 1840 census is the son of John William because he is already married at the time. Andrew F McRobie's (Elisha Dewitt's son's) wife would have only been 15 at the time, so this seems unlikely. Also I have a wedding date for them (though unconfirmed at the moment) in 1842. The first Andrew (John William's son) seems to disappear from the 1850 census. I've tried different variations of his name, and have searched in Virginia as well, and haven't found anything yet. If anyone has found this information let me know!

Also interesting to note, that William P McRobie (son of Elisha Dewitt) was living in Barbour County, Virginia in 1850. Barbour County was formed in 1843, and is now part of West Virginia. It's fairly close to the Maryland border, and definitely plausible that he had moved.

So the official confirmed relative count is now up to:

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