Thursday, September 25, 2008

Susan Gower/Gauer = FOUND

Hi all,

Long time, I know. I've actually been quite busy wedding planning! I'm getting married in exactly 2 weeks on October 9, so things have been pretty crazy.

I just wanted to share some information that Marylynn Glover has sent my way regarding the Gower/Gauer family. Previously I had mentioned that I thought David and Percilla's oldest daughter, Susan, had died as a child. Turns out I was wrong!

Apparently Susan was listed as "7" on the 1870 census and not "1" as I had previously thought. She was born 12 Dec 1862. She married Truman Miller in 1882 in Maryland. They had 8 children.

Always good to find a new branch to the tree! I'll post again when I have organized all the information I've found on her.



Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,
I beleive that Susan GAUER (married to Truman Miller) is the daughter of Jacob and Susan, NOT David.
Look up 1870 U.S. Census)
Series: M593 Roll: 567 Page: 296

You will see both Susan A And Susan I.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Mary Ann

Gina McRobie said...

Hi Mary Ann!

Thanks for pointing that out. Do you have any other info that might prove this 100%? (Other than it really does look like Susan I is only 1 year old on the 1870 census and I wasn't crazy, haha.) It definitely makes more sense this way.

If you have any other research on the Gauer family, I'd love to see it! Please send me an email at

Thanks so much!